The King of the Mallet…

So whats this

All about…

The idea is that drivers use only 1 rig.
There will be
2 classes based on tyre size:
Under 4.45 & over 4.45.

The challenge is limited to 25 drivers max per day with 4 challenges per day starting at 10 am then every 2 hours. So last challenge starts at 4pm

The event will be running on both days, with each days winner announced at the end of Challenge 4 & prizes given out accordingly.

Much clapping & jollity will ensue.

Ok…So what are

The Challenges!

1 - Speed Spiral

A spiral of wood that is pretty steep. The idea is to drive up spiral and park rig, then reverse back down. If your rig falls off you start again. Times are then scored 1 point for fastest then going upwards to 25 for slowest.

2 - Hill Climb

Pretty self explanatory really. Gates to get through, bit like rock bouncer racing. Get through as many gates as possible. 10 gates with scoring working backwards. ie: get through 2 gates, you score 8. Get through 10 gates you score 1 point. Once rig stops going forward, your run stops.

3 - KOM (King of the Mallet)

A course set out with gates, drivers follow their rig, over rocks, through water (if possible), around a short course etc. Fastest time scores 1 point, slowest 25 points. No penalties.

4 - Comp Crawl

3 stages of 15 gates each. Set out around the edge of the quarry & woods. Gates will all be a set width. Scoring to be simple :- 1 point for hitting a gate. 1 point for using a winch/bungee etc. 5 points for “Hand of God”. Reversing is fine. (Time limit to be set once we’ve set course)

Register for the KOM: