The King of the Mallet 2022…

So whats this

All about…

The idea is that drivers use only 1 rig.
There will be
2 classes based on tyre size:
Under 4.75 & over 4.75.

The challenge is limited to 30 drivers max per day with challenges per day.

The event will be running on both days, with each days winner announced at the end of the Challenges & prizes given out accordingly.

Much clapping & jollity will ensue.

This year’s event has been upgraded to 5 challenges for you to pit yourself against. They will all be held in 1 designated area of the quarry, with a mixture of woodland, rock & man made
obstacles thrown in for good measure.

As per last year all challenges are against the clock, with your times being accumulated over all 5. The quickest time over all 5 challenges wins.

There are still only 2 classes:
Under 4.75 inch tyres.
Over 4.75 inch tyres.
The price to take part is still only £5.
You can still only use 1 rig and 1 set of tyres.

The Challenges!

1 - Triple C Competition Course Challenge.

A 10 gate comp course set up by the GCRC Team as part of their ongoing Comp Series. This course will be run in both directions. It will be timed & scored using the GCRC Competition Ruleset.

2 - 4WOR 4 Wheeled Obstacle Race.

Cor blimey guvnor or even 4WOR, yep it’s a 4 wheeled obstacle race. Over, under, around & through as quick as you can. Then through, around, under & over again. Bosh, sorted, pukka.

3 - 2G2L 2 Guys 2 Lanes.

Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar… Fortunately, what with the SST being a family friendly event, it’s not what you think.
This is where we pair you up with another competitor and you race each other. Think of it as a super special speed rally stage over 2 laps, running side by side through a set course as fast as
possible using your driving dexterity & precision whilst running behind your rig.

4 - The Pot Hole RC Snooker.

It’s not just a hole, it’s an SST quarry hole. Especially designed to drive you potty, do you see what I did there. Drive in, out & around the hole potting the balls in order, red, yellow, red, green, red, brown, etc etc until the black is potted.

5 - THC The Hill Climb.

No, it’s not delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, however, finishing it will give you the same high, as it goes a bit like this…
3.2.1….GO! Your heart rate goes up, your hands shake and the tyres on your rig spin on the loose dirt before they start to grip. The hill climb looks simple enough, left then right through the
staggered gates, over some rocks and down the other side. Actually, it's definitely getting steeper and more difficult, sweat gets in your eyes as your rig reaches the top of the hill, now it’s across the top & down the 2nd slope through more staggered gates. & it’s a long way down from up here & you think to yourself as you wipe your brow, Whats that noise?It’s the crowd roaring your name as your beloved rig does a massive cartwheel down half the course! Hold on though! Its on its wheels scream the crowd deliriously! Back to the top in no time and then down the slope, through the gates and across the line.

You’ve finally finished the notorious King of Malletts! Satisfied with your driving skills and ultimately your choice of rig & tyre size, you take a breath. Wow, what a feeling, this is what it
must be feel like being an F1 driver after winning the championship, only not as much and with less money and a smaller crowd, but with a fantastic Trophy and probably a prize of some sort.