Safety Information

Safety Information

As we welcome all ages and abilities the following safety information is importantant and may affect the future of this great event, so please take a moment to read and understand it as by not following it you may be asked to leave site.

First of all due to the nature of it being a disused quarry there are sections around the site that will be taped off due to sheer cliffs and unstable section’s, please do not cross the tape under any circumstances and ensure little one’s understand this also.

Please wear sensible footwear preferably hiking or work boots are advised and please no open toe sandal style footwear.

What to do in the event of a fire either in the quarry or the campsite, 999 called at the earliest opportunity then shout fire and contact a member of the crew, if trained to use a fire extinguisher tackle the fire if safe to do so, if not then notify other members of the public and wait at the fire assembly point which will be located at the hq in the quarry or the camping area.

What 3 words could be used to help pin point the position of the fire.

In the event of a first aid incident, if it is deemed serious then call 999 immediately and then contact a crew member and the first aiders can concentrate on stabilising the casualty until further help arrives.

There is a minor injuries unit in Shepton Mallet but if you have an incident over night with a child and you are unsure, call 111 and seek advice and contact a member of the crew if necessary.

In the event of a missing child contact a member of crew as we have a procedure in place to deal with this.

If anyone have symptoms of COVID 19, a lateral flow test should be carried out with a negative result before arriving on site.

If someone becomes ill whilst attending the event with suspected symptoms, they should stay clear of others and leave the site if necessary in order to carry out a lateral flow test and can return to site upon a negative result.

For those of you lucky enough to be staying in the camping field tents and cars should be at least 2 metres apart and placed around the edge of the field, once vehicles are parked they should remain on site unless required for an emergency or to resupply.

All vehicles should travel at a safe speed whilst on site and be aware of others especially children, the quarry should be accessed on foot unless mobility issues need to be considered, clear access across the camping area will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

Those with young children or who think they might be noisy should leave a gap between themselves and others and be considerate at all times.

Please ensure that all tent pegs and rubbish is picked up and taken with you as this may make the cow’s that normally live on the field very poorly and may affect the future of the event, please avoid any cow manure and maintain good hygiene at all times when washing hands and maybe also use antibacterial hand gel.

The use of BBQ’s is permitted, however these must be raised off the ground suitably and manned at all times. Any ground damage will be subject to a penalty fee as the field we use is provided by a working farm. Any BBQ must be fully attended and your responsibility. You must also dispose of your BBQ after extinguishing and left to cool. There will be a facility to dispose of your BBQ in the SST skip but it must be fully extinguished before you do so. The SST management reserve the right to restrict the use of BBQ’s at anytime in light with fire safety guidelines.

Please be responsible when using LPG and naked flames whilst using gas powered equipment such as stoves and other equipment within the camping area and to be vigilant when extinguishing cigarettes in the wooded area of the event. 

Finally please respect the crew downtime on an evening as they all work very hard for no pay to bring the biggest and best event of this type in the country to you and will have all taken time off of work in order to do this, so a few beers and maybe some time with their family on an evening in peace is not a lot to ask, after all we are all here to have a good time and enjoy the hobby we love and raise as much money as possible for a good cause and maybe win a fantastic prize in the raffle.

Thanks for reading and have a great time!