General Information

So… What exactly is the SST Quarry Event?

We are lucky enough to have access to a large privately owned quarry with a variety of terrain from rocks to sand and shale to mud with the most amazing wooded hillside and we want to share this place to RC crawler enthusiasts. Over the weekend we lay out over 500 gates for trail driving. Special sections that will be competitively scored for those who want to. With Man made challenges a prize raffle, Show and shine. There is also space to run your bashers, tanks as well! Basically if its electric RC and moves on the ground its welcome in any scale.

By attending the SST Quarry event you confirm that…

Filming and photography: You agree that you or your equipment may appear in images or videos that may be published and or used for promotional material for future events.
Toilets will be available on site near the entrance gate. These will be regularly disinfected throughout the event.
Food and drink will be available to purchase on the day from a licenced hot food mobile catering van. Please take all litter home with you. The organisers do not have the facility to dispose of it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What happens to the profit?

all profit is given to a local Primary School.

Where is it?

Gurney Slade, Somerset,
BA3 4TH 

Why does it cost?

it’s a private site so we have to pay the land owner for access, toilet hire, event insurance etc. 

What is access like?

the venue is suitable for any car, yes even lowered Van’s are fine and you can park up right next to the trails all on hard standing. 

What Facilities are on site?

it’s a disused quarry 🤷‍♂️ we will have portable toilets installed. Food vendors will also be there. 

How do i Book?

all booking is done through this website – use the menu at the top to go to the booking page.

What if I have Mobility Issues?

While you wont be able to access all of the trails there will still be plenty you can get to.

There are several areas where the rocks are right next to smooth hard ground and we will be adding more man made obstacles in these areas as well.

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